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  • How To Deal With Excruciating Silence On Job Interviews

    "That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the ____ up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence."  Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. Awkward silences can be challenging but there are ways to turn them into your advantage and successfully doing so may just indicate you've found your next employer. When in an interview if you can see the interviewer is making notes then sit confidently in your chair and wait for the interviewer to stop writing.  Asking questions about the company or the interviewer them self is also a good way to bridge the silence.   Doing your research about the company and when possible the people you are meeting will always provide excellent filler material to talk about.  Measure the speed of your speech and don't rush your answers.  Take your time and speak with confidence.  NEVER fidget or make small talk that will come off as rambling. Embrace the silence as another challenge and you will come out better for it. https://lnkd.in/gXN8v3s

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“Pathways is a great resource for recruiting and has been my go-to agency for many years. Chris and his team take the time to know his candidates and his clients and their firms which leads to successful short- and long-term placements, an invaluable benefit!”

Joy Buchanan, Director of Human Resources, Miller Starr & Regalia

“They’re just one of the best. There’s a select group of five companies that are always your go-to recruiters, and Pathways falls into that category. They always seem to have high-level candidates, no matter what the position is.”

Gabrielle Hall, regional HR manager for the California offices of Covington and Burling

“We have gotten very good candidates from Chris and Pathways Personnel, both on the temporary and permanent side. They definitely take into account what our preferences are, what our culture is. With temporary staffing, we’ve had a lot of projects where we’ve needed to get someone quickly in place. Pathways Personnel usually gets us people within 24 hours or less.”

Erin Callahan, paralegal manager for Keker and VanNest in San Francisco

“Pathways Personnel is one of the agencies that I have continued to have a good relationship with. Their Recruiters really get to know you and what sort of person you are looking for in terms of the position. It wasn’t just a matter of putting resumes on your desk: they really think about the people they put forward. Pathways always stays in touch in case any needs come up.”

Noreen Rechsteiner, litigation support coordinator for Morrison and Foerster in San Francisco

“I feel like I can be very honest with Chris. He welcomes feedback, which is something I appreciate. I like the fact that he checks in with us. Pathways is not an agency [just] putting me on different assignments. Pathways has given me raises and recognized my contribution. I appreciate that as well. … I just like the way he and Pathways Personnel works.”

Angela Kuo, candidate

“Chris was sensitive to my needs. He understood the need to pay bills. He understands who should be temping and who should be working full-time. Chris has always been great about making sure if my duties change at a particular assignment, he’ll ask for a raise. It’s been really nice. Pathways has been successful in finding me positions that relate to my experience. Their recruiters act as sort of a personal advocate for me.”

Matt Knoth, candidate

“They took the time to make sure I’d like where I was going even before the first interview and once I received the offer. Pathways is great at maintaining relationships. The market is pretty hard right now, so I’ve recommended Pathways Personnel a lot. I always recommend them when people tell me they’re looking.”

Nikki Hopper, candidate

“When I found Chris, it was great. He looks at your skills sets and lets you know what will be a good fit. He’s really concerned with making a good fit. Every where he’s placed me has been great. I’ve kept in contact with him because I can totally depend on him if I’m looking for work. He’ll chat with me honestly about what’s going on in the field. He always follows through.”

Carrie Parker, candidate