Litigation Paralegal

Location: Palo Alto
Job Type: Temporary
Job Ref: 17637

Job Description

Our client is a very successful and stable international law firm based in NYC. Our client believes in providing a quality of life to their employees that is hard to find in big law these days. The firm is currently seeking a temporary Junior Litigation Paralegal for its Palo Alto office due to their business substantially increasing.  The assignment will run 3+ months and could convert to direct hire if the work load stays strong. 

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a foot in the door and gain valuable experience in a large law firm environment from supporting the Senior Trial Paralegals. This is a hybrid role in that the position will do billable Litigation Paralegal work and some substantive administrative work.

The Litigation work will be standard document organization, binder preparation, filing, discovery, and trial preparation. The substantive admin work will be editing bills with proper billing language, research projects and other challenging assignments.


- Bachelor degree. 
- 1 year of Litigation Paralegal experience is preferred.
- Strong communication and organizational skills.
- Experience with MS Office including Word and Excel.

Hourly rate: $23/hour.  Maybe flexible depending on experience


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