Real Estate Secretary

Location: San Francisco
Salary: $90000
Job Type: Permanent
Job Ref: 17466

Job Description

The Real Estate Secretary will be assigned to a team of attorneys.  

 3+ years of legal secretary experience 
- Will be assigned to four attorneys in the Real Estate and Land Use department 
- Experience assisting the attorney and the billing department with the client billing process 
- Provide accurate, formatted documents. 
- Type documents from handwritten drafts, tapes or dictation. 
- Format proofreading and editing documents, which include correspondence (such as letters and memos), outlines and other legal documents. 
- Compose documents for team approval and use. 
- Prepare travel reimbursement requests online with firm specific software. 
- Daily time entry for Partners and Counsel. 
- Complete check requests, new case reports, and conflicts checks 
- Maintain team calendars, client lists, and Outlook address books. 
- Organize meetings, reserving conference rooms, arranging catering services, and coordinating schedules. 
- Coordinate travel arrangements.

Salary:  Up to 90K.

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