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pathways personnel  - candidates

pathways personnel  - candidates

Pathways Personnel has been connecting experienced, motivated professionals with prominent Northern California law firms and corporations since 1969. With more than 40 years of focused success in the San Francisco Bay Area, we've developed an in-depth knowledge of the local business environment and an outstanding network of industry contacts. That allows us to offer excellent, career-enhancing positions in the legal field, and across a broad range of flourishing industries.

Exploring your career options through Pathways gives you immediate access to our vast resources and a team of knowledgeable employment specialists. We work with job seekers of all career categories, from executive through administrative, placing professionals in permanent jobs and both long- and short-term temporary positions.

We help create long-term career relationships

Our dedicated career consultants are experts in finding great job openings across the Bay Area, and we frequently gain access to "insider" job opportunities that are not publicly listed. Equally important, we're dedicated to helping you find a job that precisely fits your skills, your experience and your career aspirations. Our mission is to find you work at an organization where you can succeed and where your career can thrive.

At Pathways Personnel, we're committed to

  • Taking the time to understand your personal and professional career goals

  • Helping you navigate the interview and negotiation process

  • Ensuring that you understand all aspects of each job we help you apply for, and that you're in full agreement that the job is right for you

  • Maintaining strict confidentiality about all aspects of your job search

We offer both recruitment and placement services. As recruiters, we search for qualified professionals for specific positions supplied by our client law firms and corporations. As placement specialists, we search out employers for qualified job seekers. In all cases, employers, not candidates, pay our fees.

For more information, please see Getting Started with Pathways Personnel.